The success that Northwest Swiss-Matic has had throughout the years could not have been possible without the proper balance of innovation & expertise.  Technology alone does not guarantee success in the precision machining industry.

That is why Northwest Swiss-Matic maintains a very high standard of expertise from all of our personnel.  From the initial estimate, through machining and then to final customer order packaging and fulfillment, a great amount of care is given to every detail to insure that the final customer’s expectations have been met.

Working together with our customers to provide CNC Swiss multi-axis machining services to succeed in a competitive world

Northwest Swiss-Matic is very interested in maximizing the value that our customers receive with every part we produce.  By working closely with customers during the initial development of a part through value engineering, Northwest Swiss-Matic can then provide the best opportunity to reduce overall product cost.

CNC Swiss Multi-Axis Machining