With over one hundred twenty four state-of-the-art machining systems we can handle just about any turned part need.

From Swiss Automatics, Escomatic Wire Machines, Acme Multiple Spindle, CNC Chuckers, and Custom Cells, we have what you need all under one roof. And, if you’re an OEM looking for high quality, competitive parts we've got the credentials. Or, if you’re looking to replace or augment your in-house machining we've helped many companies eliminate their manufacturing or just supplement them with temporary production matching that of their own in house capabilities, such as multi spindle screw machining.

19 Multiple Spindle
2 5/8"
Acme Gridley 6 spindle 
1 1/4" Acme Gridley 6 spindle
1" Acme Gridley 6 spindle
3/4" Acme Gridley 8 spindle
9/16" Acme Gridley 6 spindle
31 Single Spindle
710 SLL
Eurotech Elite  w/auto bar feed
(2 3/4" capacity)
SR-32 Star CNC Swiss (32mm cap)
SR-20 Star CNC Swiss (20mm cap)
JNC-25 Star CNC Swiss (32mm capacity)
M-20 Citizen 7 axis CNC Swiss (20mm capacity)
ML36-E Maier CNC Swiss 11 Axis 
VNC-20 Star CNC Swiss (20mm capacity)
VNC-12 Star CNC Swiss (12mm capacity)
SW-7 Star CNC Swiss 8 axis (7mm capacity)
JNC-16 Star CNC Swiss (16mm capacity)
RNC-16 Star CNC Swiss (16mm capacity)
SH-12 Star CNC Swiss (12mm capacity)
B-12 Citizen CNC Swiss (12mm capacity)
SA-12 Star CNC Swiss
(12mm capacity)
BNC 42 Miyano CNC bar chucking machine

BND 42T Miyano CNC chucking machine

D-6 Escomatic wire machine
(1/4" capacity)
D-4 Escomatic wire machine
(5/32" capacity)
D-2 Escomatic wire machine
(5/32" capacity)
G-2 Gemini wire feed screw machine
(5/32" capacity)
Cobra 42 Hardinge CNC chucker w/bar feed
(1 5/8" capacity)
QT Mazak CNC chucker w/bar feed
(1 1/4" capacity)

Haas VMC

Secondary Operations
Bridgeport interact 412 vertical machining center
Miyano TSV-33 CNC vertical machining center
Hardinge "conquest" precision CNC chucker
Hardinge precision chucker
Acme 6 spindle chucker
CNC chuckers
Cincinnati centerless grinder
External grinders-Myford-Toyoda-Brown & Sharpe
Mitsubishi CNC external grinder
Multi-head rotary table drill-mill machines
Sunnen Hone-Powerstroke-Auto Size
Hauser burnishers
Surface grinders
Vertical mills
Horizontal mills
Hand screws
Thread rollers
Drill presses
Vibratory bowl feeders
Ultrasonic cleaner
Finishing equipment, automated ae-2d m-clene d degreaser & still
Complete tumbling and cleaning equipment

Northwest Swiss-Matic LLC utilizes up-to-date state-of-the-art inspection equipment, along with other assorted standard measuring equipment traceable to NIST.

Oasis optical Automatic Smart inspection system, Continuous Image Acquisition for instant measurements,simultaneous measurement of multiple dimensions,non contact operation, built in Inspection reporting.

Mitutoyo roundness tester ra-100

Circularity, cylindricity, concentricity, and run out with accuracy and repeatability within .000050.

Mitutoyo toll makers micrometer

Measuring a variety of dimensions and locations with accuracy and repeatability to within .0002.

Rockwell hardness tester

14" J&L optical comparitor

Zeiss profilometer

Measures for surface texture


Computer aided drafting system which allows for detailed error free drawings used in the shop. Ez-mill software programming for down loading into the machines such as: cnc's, vertical mills, etc., which eliminates downtime and operator programming.

Computer aided programming system for cnc milling machines and lathes which helps to reduce costs by reducing set-up time

Lsm 3000 laser scan mike

Lsm uses laser beams to measure from a range of .010 to 1.150 with accuracy of .000002.

Multi Spindle Screw Machining

Multi Spindle Screw Machining

Multi Spindle Screw Machining

Multi Spindle Screw Machining

Multi Spindle Screw Machining