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screw machined valve control parts

Description: Valve related products
Material: Various stainless steel grades, titanium, A286, and nickel base alloys such as Hastelloy and Inconel
Size: 3/16" diameter – 2-1/2" diameter
Finish: Turned finishes to 8 micro inch and ground finishes to 2 micro inch
Process: CNC swiss, CNC turning, secondary operations and finish grinding



Spools for air actuated controls

Spools for air actuated controls

Material: Aluminum anodized
Size: 1/2" diameter-1" diameter
Finish: Single digit micro inch on ground surfaces
Process: CNC turning and finish grind


Medical respiratory products

Description: Medical respiratory products including fittings, quick disconnects and adapters for oxygen flow equipment
Material: Several grades of stainless steel and nickel plated brass
Size : 1/2" diameter - 1-1/4" hexagon
Finish: Single digit micro inch
Process: CNC turning and related secondary operations



Plungers and spools

Plungers and spools for fluid control applications

Material: Various stainless steel grades and heat treated alloys
Size: 3/16" diameter - 2-1/2" diameter
Finish: Single digit micro inch on ground surfaces
Process: CNC Swiss, CNC turning, finish grind on outside diameters and metering edges


Medical respiratory products

Description: Shaft and pins: Bosch and Lomb Saline delivery tube, Aerospace flight control and bolt carrier firing pins
Material: Titanium, Stainless 300, 400 series and 17-4
Size : Parts are 4-8 inch in length and .100-.500 in diameter
Finish: Centerless grinding and assembly required. High polish with zero defects is the goal
Process: Swiss machining and grinding



Turned parts

Turned parts dropped complete including complex geometry

Material: Several grades of material: HR, CF, Alloy, Tubing, Drill Rod, SS and aluminum
Size: 36MM to 7MM full radius, milling hex
Finish: Single digit Micro finished. Many SS parts require Passivation
Process: These parts were processed off a Swiss style machine with secondary operations including Grinding & Holding: .00004 total tolerance


Spools and shafts

Description: Spools and shafts are required in many industries, Fuel delivery to Automotive Braking
Material: Aluminum and Stainless steels
Size : Parts are 1-2" in length and .040-.500 in diameter, cross holes and slotted for ease in assembly
Finish: Precision plunge grinding is required for micro and size control
Process: Acme multi spindle and Swiss style machine completed these parts burr free!



Medical components

Medical components to agricultural and everything in between

Material: Stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass & Copper
Size: Parts are 3/4 - 3" in length and .065-.375 in diameter
Finish: Micro finished in the single digit, Ht and ground. Numerous plating opportunities
Process: EscoMatic wire and bar feed, capable of high precision with high production. Also present are several Swiss machine parts with the ability to multitask these parts can often be dropped complete!